Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Log for Life

Today on 3rd Feb 2008 around 7pm between Mulund station and Matunga station in Mumbai local train journey I lost my all time favorite helpful companion i.e. my mobile. It was Silver-Black colored Sony Ericsson T610 which was with me for more than three years in my good as well as bad times.

I also lost all my contacts as it was saved on my phone rather then SIM.
I also lost few of favorite poetic SMSs which i saved on it from long ago.
I also lost few of the pictures taken by that mobile and which never got backed up.

Moral for me: Never love your mobile.

P.S.: I used to see IMEI code of my mobile but never wrote it anywhere as far as I remember.

1 comment:

Kris said...

my heartfelt condolences. it's always sad to see something as dear as a cellphone, which has seen you through many days of fun and seriousness, helped you through exams and interviews and results, makeups and breakups, happiness and sorrows. i would be devastated.

thanks for the reminder. i shall back up my phone as soon as i get off the current call :)