Friday, May 25, 2007

Swamii is here for All your Interest

Swamii is a quick and clean customizable search engine launched recently in India. Swamii gives results based on user’s query. For example type AJAX and you will get all the results from different sources like news, blogs, P2P, videos and rich media, TV and job pages which are related with AJAX.

You can save list of common searches or interested keywords and phrases and can view results anytime. They also have email alerts for the same.

So you can keep track of current event or your hobby etc. Google alerts also provide similar kind of service for search result through news and web.

I think we can expect feeds of results also some social connection very soon in Swamii like sharing interest with others.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now Big Attachment With Gmail

Now you can send attachment up to 20MB with your emails. Google has recently upgraded Gmail service that allows users to send attachments of size up to 20MB. Right now it will useful be useful only if you will send attachment to other Gmail users as many other provider has limit of 10 MB.

We can expect same kind of service from other mail providers like Microsoft’s Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail very soon while Rediff allows attachment upto 10MB.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Great Going Mitul

Mitul is my friend and classmate from VJTI college who made it to TOP position on Midomi with his own composition "Tu Hi Mera Dil".

A very good thing about "Tu Hi Mera Dil" is that it is the only Hindi song currently in top charts.

Apart from being a software engineer, Mitul is a dancer , choreographer and a real good singer with damn good voice.

You can listen his own composition "Tu Hi Mera Dil" here.

Hey Mitul Keep up the Good Work and we like to see your name in top charts only ;-).