Sunday, January 27, 2008

Know Your PAN Info

Now we don't need to remember our PAN number always as Income Tax Department (आयकर िवभाग) of India come up with a very good and user friendly site which easily and quickly displays the PAN information. Click on the link below:

Just correctly feed your Name and DOB information and Bingo ;-).

It worked for me in one shot, Lets see if it works for you also in that way.


Kris said...

didn't work for me. but hdfc tried verification of my pan number through their bulk verification too, and it didn't show up there either. maybe something wrong with my card rather than the page.

Vinay Prasad said...

Great link added to my favorites. Worked for me though I had to use my first name as combination of first and middle name. I guess that is mistake of the agent who filled my form or may be the data operator of income tax department.

Anyway keep up boss. Looking for more info ahead :)