Sunday, August 19, 2007

My First Experience with PHP Apache and MySQL

Finally I completed a website using PHP, MySQL and Apache web server after burning lots of candles and sleepless nights. I am normally an ASP programmer but always wanted to learn PHP from long time. So after giving much thought I started creating a website in PHP with back-end as MySQL during this vacation time. It took me two days to properly setup PHP, Apache and MySQL on windows XP machine. But after setting up I found that its quite easy, we just need to follow steps properly.

I completed this work in twenty days which i could have completed in around ten days if it was it ASP. Obviously PHP is new to me thats why it took time also I already have many previously built code by me in ASP ;-).

It was nice experience. Now I am getting more deeper into it and exploring more aspects of PHP, MySQL, Apache web server and associated technologies/tools.

and yes I'll appreciate any guidance, suggestions or comments by you to improve my knowledge.


Kris said...

one suggestion: use XAMPP. it'll reduce your setup time from 2 days to approximately half an hour (out of which 28 minutes will have been spent downloading the setup :D )

Deep C said...

Thanks Dude,
I already knew about XAMP and WAMP .....but i wanted to try this things one by one .....