Monday, April 23, 2007

Swim with Deepfish Browser

Deepfish is a mobile browser from Microsoft Live Labs. Deepfish is a new type of mobile information browsing experience, aimed at preserving the rich layout and full form of documents on mobile devices while providing novel ways of effectively navigating that content on small screens. Multi-resolution of Deepfish allows you to zoom in and out of pages.

Deepfish don't support ActiveX control, AJAX, HTTP POST, JavaScript and cookies yet and it requires Windows Mobile 5.0+ operating System and minimum 64 MB primary memory.

Microsoft Live Labs are still working on to improve its functionality and to enhance it features.

Google also has an application for better and fast access of Gmail.


Kris said...

how does deepfish compare with opera mini? i've been using opera mini for a few years now, and it does support HTTP POST and cookies (but not ActiveX/AJAX/JavaScript), runs on the standard MIDP KVM (basically a mobile java applicaiton), requires barely a few hundreds of KB of storage, less than an MB of RAM, and runs on pretty much any decent cellphone ive seen (symbian/windows mobile/other java enabled OSes). it reorganises the document to be viewable on a cellphone screen, and resizes images via a proxy to save on bandwidth usage charges.

Deep C said...

Hey Dude, i dont have any idea about Opera Mini.
and thanks for giving more information on same topic.