Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Desi Angle to YouTube

I hope you already aware with the huge hit video sharing website called YouTube and its 1.65 billion dollar acquisition by Google recently.

Now here is the list of some Desi online video sharing center:

ApnaTube is "Desi Broadcasting" video sharing website with a cool interface and large collection of videos. Its also has some social networking characterstics which allowing you to create your profile and to make new friends. Annoying thing about ApnaTube is that you need to get registered even if you want to see only videos.

MeraVideo is another video sharing desi website with large collection of videos and is currently in alpha stage.

Infeedia is a South Asian Community based website. As per Infeedia it allows the community rather than a editor to submit and review the content on the site.

AapkaVideo is a recently launched beta stage video sharing website with cool slogan "Director Ban Jao"(Become a Director) with the aim of helping and creating buddying directors. Also videos can be browsed category-wise like General, Comedy, Sports and so on.
Check out a nice video of telecom ad with Gandhiji here.

VideoDubba is the another latest clone for video website dedicated to sharing and broadcasting of Desi Videos.

SaddeGeet is Punjabi media sharing website which also includes a forum and chat service.

CricTube has collection of thousands of cricket videos from classic videos and to latest highlights from around the world. Check out a funny cricket moment here.

MeroVideo a purely entertainment platform for online Nepalese community around the world.

Common behavior of many(not all) of this websites are that they are web2.0 websites from Indian or South Asian origin and its contents are also targeted to Indian and/or South Asian audience. They also have services like tagging, tag search, social networking etc. They are preferable for client with broadband connection for smooth streaming of media. As broadband usage are rapidly growing in this area so this websites have scope of survival here.

It seems that mobile integration of this website can also enhance their scope of growth and to acquire wide user base even though they have internal and global competition.


Brajeshwar said...

I think you should read Indian YouTube Doesn’t Deserve $1.5 Million

Anonymous said...

Who know who desevres what? Web 2.0 is here. Another site to add to the above would be www.toad.in. They're new, but their interface is good.

Rohan Pinto said...

and yet another entrant in this space is KONKAN TV. I'm not gonna say this site is good great etc... (it's my own site) But if you yourself could give it a glance and tell me your thoughts on it, I would sincerely appreciate it...

ARUN said...

hi there is one video site which looks very fast, more colourful and lot of indian cultural videos i liked this site just try this out

Arun said...

LayFile is another Indian video sharing website with largest number of desi videos.http://www.layfile.com

sushilsingh said...

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Deep C said...

Hey all friends,
Thanks for giving more information on same topic.
I'll sure come up with second part of the same series very soon which will also include your suggested websites.

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